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We strongly recommend that you read the guidance notes before completing this application.

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STEM Club Bursary application
Please describe what STEM clubs, activities or projects already exist at the school (if any).

Why are you applying for this bursary? Please outline the STEM activities you wish to implement or expand.

What will be the learning outcomes and/or skill development from your planned activities?

What support do you need from us to achieve the above? If you have identified any specific goods or services at this stage, please detail them here.

If your proposal includes a request for mentor or expert support, how would you like this to be delivered (tick all that apply)?

STEM talk

Would you like us to deliver a short talk on STEM career choices?

Please note that applications to the STEM Club Bursary are made under the following conditions:

  • Any Bursary support received will be used solely for STEM activity as outlined in this application.
  • The school will provide feedback, where requested by CSES, on any support received.
  • If the school receives Bursary support, we will attend the annual Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition in June.
  • If the school is unable to comply with any of the above then it may be required to return any funds awarded.

We will contact you as necessary to process your application. Our privacy policy has more details.

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